Yoga Classes at In Trim, Sheffield

Our current class timetable includes the following Yoga classes:

Yoga : Mon, 10:00 (1 Hour)

Yoga : Sun, 10:00 (1 Hour)

Non-member price for 1 Hour classes: £4.50

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About Yoga

Yoga - Our quick guide to what it is, how it works, and what to expect during a class!

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. The main components of yoga are postures - a series of movements designed to increase strength and flexibility - and breathing.

Yoga is ideal for all ages and stages. Some people may be put off because they've seen advanced practitioners holding extreme physical poses. But even the most unfit person can do yoga; the postures can be easily adapted to their particular level of fitness.

In addition to the physical benefits, the regular practise of yoga aids mindfullness in day-to-day life.

Yoga - mental and physical wellbeing.