Coronavirus Control Update

Unfortunately we are CLOSED until further notice

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Customer Bulletin 4th June 2020


Hi everyone, how are you?

We have lost track of the weeks but we know it has been a long time! All being well we still anticipate being allowed to open the club again in early July and are making good progress to make this safe for you and the team.

We thought we should make you aware that the required social distancing measures may significantly decrease our capacity and as yet we do not have a full understanding of what the new safe capacity will be.

With this in mind, we will reopen initially only to those currently paying a subscription (incl. annual subscriptions). At first, we will not be able to rejoin previous customers until we have a good understanding of our safe capacity.

We plan to review our capacity every day, from day one of reopening. Our priority will be to allow our previous customers to return as soon as possible, prioritizing the most recent leavers first.

Please bear with us while we find our feet in this new situation. We know this isn't fair to many but we have to keep everyone safe and we can only do that by increasing numbers slowly and monitoring each day. Trust us, we do not want to reduce capacity after months of closure but the Government will enforce social distancing on gyms before they can reopen.

We will not allow non-members or brand new members to join until we are sure we have made space for any previous members wishing to rejoin.

We also plan to maintain our virtual workouts and introduce outdoor workouts for those who do not wish to return to indoor training just yet, or who cannot due to our reduced capacity. If you would like to get involved now please see our website for what's on

If you would like more information about anything to do with the club or your membership please contact us on

We hope to see you either in the virtual or the real world real soon.

Take care and stay safe.