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"Keeping you fit through the Coronavirus lockdown."

Welcome to our Home Workouts page - helping you stay fit, healthy and sane during the Coronavirus outbreak.

We have assumed you are already a gym user and not completely new to exercise. If you are a complete beginner please proceed with caution, taking only the beginner option from each workout video until you are able to get to a gym and get full face to face guidance.

We are assuming you have no fitness equipment at home and so all our workouts can be done with just common items we would have at home.

We have broken up the videos into separate body parts and cardio. Feel free to browse all the sections as we develop them and treat them like a pick-and-mix work out. We also have a wellbeing section to help you cope through the lockdown. If you have any questions email and we will get back to you ASAP.

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   Please Keep Safe

  • Respect social distancing guidance
  • Stay hydrated
  • Warm up before your workout. Watch our Workout Warm Up video.
  • Listen to your body and its limits

   Latest Video

Relaxation #5 - Challenge

by Anastasiia, fitness instructor at The Fitness Bank, Leicester (22/05/2020)

Anastasiia returns to see if you have been following her mobility advice and to set you a little challenge.

Relaxation #5 - Challenge from Karen Graves on Vimeo.