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Heavy Duty Gym at In Trim, Sheffield
Man working out in weights gym

Heavy Duty Gym

Sheffield's largest independent weight lifting gym

If you're serious about lifting weights and building muscle, then our Heavy Duty gym is perfect for you.

Here's our kit you can workout with:

  • Extensive range of selectorized fixed resistance machines covering all muscle groups
  • Large selection of plate-loaded fixed resistance machines
  • Full Olympic and power-lifting room
  • Paired dumbells up to 65 kilos
  • Range of cable machines
  • Punchbag
  • Pull-up and dip bars
  • Squat rack and Smith machine
  • Flat, incline and decline benches

Supplementing Your Workout?

Get the most out of your effort in the gym with a pre-workout or protein shake, made just the way you like it.

USN Pure Protein

You can also stock up from our full range of pre-workouts, protein supplements and meal replacements at great prices.

We sell products from brands such as USN, BSN, Grenade and Boditronics.

Not sure what you should be taking?
Expert advice is all part of the service. Come and talk to us!

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Weightlifting and power lifting gym

Weightlifting and power lifting gym

Weightlifting and power lifting gym